Heather March
Cambridge, MA
"I'm buying my first multi-family house but my cash margins are low and I don't want to pay a property manager. RentingYourHome.com is the perfect solution--it saves me a lot of time and walks me through the process so I don't feel like I'm out on my own!"

Lou Waldorf
New Jersey
"I wish I had used RentingYourHome.com when I was renting my last house. I lived in Massachusetts but the house was in New Jersey. We didn't want to pay the expense of a property manager but because I was in a different state, it was always difficult to stay on top of things. RentingYourHome.com would have made my life significantly easier."

Emily Waldorf
New Jeresy
“RentingYourHome.com is so easy to use and you can’t beat the professional, personal attention – everyone is so nice! I strongly recommend this product to anyone renting their home!”

Ryan Sarver
Boston, MA
Simply, Virtual Property Manager is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. By automating all of the tedious, time-consuming tasks you allow landlords to spend more time doing what they enjoy while not having to give away all of their profits to a management company. Overall, VPM is a fantastically simple tool that helps empower individual owners and let them play on par with the bigger companies.

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